Privacy & Cookie Policy

Esduma Hospitality Group 

If you are reading this, it means that you are a responsible user that cares about its personal information. In this privacy notice we are going to explain to you what we ask your information for, under what circumstances and how we treat them. 

About the responsible 

The first obligation that we have with you, is to inform you the identity of the responsible of this site: 

Business name: Esduma Hospitality Group S.A. de C.V. (Esduma Group). 

Address: Av. Benito Juarez 1405, Ex hacienda Coscotitlán, 42064, Pachuca de Soto Hidalgo, México 

Our activity: We are a business group focus in the operation of commercialization of hotels in magic places, that worried by generate unforgettable experiences to our guests and the maximum return of investment to our investors. 

Our Telephone:+52 (771) 376 0717.  


Responsible of your information protection: The Information Protection Department is responsible for ensuring the security of your information. 


In addition to the above is important that you know that this notice is part of the following sites: 

The information that we request and at what moment 

Now we describe you the different situations in which ones we can request your information in this site: 

  • When you consult us something by chat, we will request you your email and your name. 
  • When you want to subscript to receive promos, we will request your name, last name, email and origin country. 
  • When you quote to buy with us any of our products, services or activities, we will request your email. 
  • When you make a purchase and have an account with us, we will request your email and password. 
  • When you make a purchase and you do not have an account with us, we will request your name, last name, email, telephone, state, origin country and the hotel where you are guest, also we will request your bank information, address in order to complete the transaction. If you want to have an account, just remain to add a password. 
  • When you request information about Groups and Conventions, we will request your name, last name, telephone, email and origin country. 
  • When you request information about your wedding, we will request your name, last name, telephone, email, origin country, state and city. 
  • When you have any doubt or suggestion by our contact channels, we will request your name, telephone and email. 

¡Very Important! 

  • We never request sensible personal information in no one of our sites. 
  • Neither we will request your user and password by telephone or email. 
  • We never request debit or credit card information, unless you are making a purchase. 

Purposes of the treatment 

Other of our responsibilities is to explain for what we use, store and treat your personal data: 
When you connect to this site, to consult by chat, to subscribe, to quote, to buy or to ask information, you are facilitating us personal information  and you are giving your consent for your information to be collected, used, managed and stored by us, only as it describes in this notice. 

The purposes depend on the form in which one you have entered your personal data and are the following: 

  • Forms by chat, quote, groups and conventions reports, wedding reports,  

We provide you information that you have requested us. 

  • Subscription form 

Sent you promotional communications about any product or service available in our sites. 
In each newsletter and marketing email that be sent you, should be included a link to unsubscribe you automatically. 

  • Purchase form with or without user account 

To perfect, effect, control the correct accomplished of the contract and to accomplish with legal obligations of Esduma Group.  

  • Contact Form 

To give you an answer of the requests, suggestions or doubts through our client service department. 


In addition to the above, there are other purposes: 

  • To provide the services and products that you have purchased. 
  • To make internal studies about demographic and statistical data. 
  • To know the interests of our users. 
  • To support and improve the services that our sites offer, in such a way that we be able to give you a satisfactory experience. 
  • To inform to our users about our new products or services that are related with the contracted one. 
  • To evaluate the quality of the service. 
  • To inform about changes in our products or services and to provide a better user service. 

The previous treatments are subject to your consent, we will NEVER use your data for something different and we will NEVER sell your information. 

About the cookies use 

The cookies are text files that be downloaded automatically and store in the hardware of the computer of the user while navigate in one specific webpage, that let remind to the internet server some data about this user, between them, their preferences to the visualization of the pages in that server, name and password. In some sections of our site we request that the client has habilitated the cookies as some of the functionalities require of them to work. 

In the case of the use of cookies,  the button of “help” found in the toolbar of most browsers, will tells you how to avoid accept new cookies, how to make that the browser notify you when receives a new cookie or how to disable all the cookies. 

Limitation of use and divulgation of the information 

The information provided by the user is secured by an identification personal number to which only the user will can access and of the which one it only the client has the knowledge. We recommend you to not reveal your password to no one. In this subject, the teal of Esduma Group had focused all their efforts to obtain the most modern and actualized technology for the purpose of offer you the highest possible security. If you participate in the service of promotions by email you will be able disactivate in any moment the service: Opt-out: about the email promotional communications, we will inform you in each one of them, how to unsubscribe in an easy way and without any cost. 

The rights that you have as you provide us your data 

  • To request the access of your personal data. 
  • To request their rectification. 
  • To request their cancelation. 
  • To request the limitation of their treatment (their use and divulgation). 
  • And to oppose to the treatment that we are giving it. 
  • The portability of your data. 

To revoke of the consent to the treatment of the data. 

The exercise of these rights is personal, which means that the interested must request it to the responsible of the protection of their data, that is to the Information protections department 

Contact us: 

In attention to: From Monday true Friday on schedule 9:00 to 19:00 hours. 

We will attend you rapid, within a period of no more than 15 business days. We suggest you maintain actualized your data in order to provide you a more personalized service. 

Time of keeping your data. 

We will keep your data until you request us to eliminate them. 

The protections of your information. 

We have implemented security measures to take care of your data: 

  • Use of certificates SSLL (Secure Socket Layer) in our sites. 
  • Security procedures in our personal. 
  • Limited access to databases where your data is saved. 
  • Implementation of best practices in servers to keep secure your information. 
  • Implementation of controls in order to accomplish with and the LFPDPPP and the RGPD. 

Use of images and sounds collected through our internal video surveillance systems  

Worried about the security of our visitors, guests and collaborators, as well as our administrative facilities and hotels, it is necessary to communicate you that we count with internal video recording systems and circuits, which ones of them can capture pictures and in some cases sounds considered personal data, same as will be treated and protected in the terms predicted in this privacy notice. 

Laws that incorporate this privacy notice 


If you consider that the protection of your personal data has been vulnerated, you have the freedom to come up to the INAI. 

Acceptance of the terms 

When you facilitate us your information and you mark the consent chart, it means that you are agree that your information be treated in the mentioned terms.  

Modifications in our privacy notice 

We recommend you consult this PRIVACY NOTICE frequently, as we make actualizations and modifications to adequate to the laws that apply in a matter of personal data and in an intern politics.  

In case of enter your personal data in any of our forms and to marc the checkbox of acceptance, it will be notified about the actualization. 


Last actualization 09/01/2020 (September 1st, 2020).